In this week's Little Grey Cells In Depth Interview, Sarah Barron, Chief Marketing Officer at Domino’s, explains how valuable customer data informs marketing choices, the importance of creating a marketing super-team, and why marketers should shun change in favour of 'celebrating the beating heart of your brand’.
In this week's Little Grey Cells interview, No.7 Marketing Director, Richard Bowden, discusses the value of balancing mass-marketing and sales activations, his passion for re-igniting brands, and how his fascination about ‘what makes people tick’ has ultimately taught him more about himself.
Little Grey Cells sits down with Ford’s Marketing Director for Europe, Pete Zillig. Pete unpacks his career journey to Ford, including time spent on both agency and client side, gets granular on how listening is a key skill, and also expands on Ford’s approach to creativity, electrification and Formula 1.
In the latest edition of Lucky Grey Cells, Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand and Marketing Director at Vodafone, shares her marketing journey from college to her current role, why she thinks brand marketing brings in innovation and fresh thinking, and unpacks the importance of data and how she balances Vodafone’s media spend.
In this week's Little Grey Cells interview, John Bernard, Marketing + Sales Leader at Malvern Panalytical, discusses how marketing is being taken more seriously as a science, how honesty and transparency are the foundations of great marketing direction and why we need to nurture the next generation of marketing superstars.
Dominic Chambers, European Head of Marketing and PR Communications for Genesis Europe, the new premium auto brand, on how emotion will always win over rational decision making, the value of product differentiation and the need to keep things simple.
Little Grey Cells In Depth sits down with Dom Dwight, Marketing Director at Taylors of Harrogate and best-selling Yorkshire Tea. Dom recounts his career path, unpacks the origins of the Yorkshire Tea call to arms “Let’s have a proper brew” and explains how social media helped his brands find their unique voice.