May 2, 2024 9:00 am


Market Orientation

Understanding your customers

(Who’s getting it right and how?)
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As marketers we must never assume that we know what is going on in the heads of our customers. The starting point for all great marketing is to undertake thorough customer research: research that will inform our strategic
marketing decisions and objectives for the next year and beyond.

What are the most effective techniques for gaining this crucial knowledge? Bespoke sales funnels? Focus groups? Spending qualitative time with customers? Backing up your hypotheses with quantitative survey data? How can
you pick out the insights that will give your marketing the edge?

With 6 of the UK’s leading marketers in a panel, followed by small round-table discussions, we’ll explore the tried-and-tested approaches and techniques that have yielded the most exceptional results.

Confirmed Fireside Chat

Jess Myers
Chief Marketing Officer
The Very Group

Our Guest Panel

Maria Koutsoudakis (Brand and Marketing Director, Vodafone)

Rebecca Hirst (Chief Marketing Officer, EY UK)

Eleonore Murauer (Global eInnovation Director, Reckitt)

Joel Midgley (Head of Marketing, The Guardian)

Richard Palk (Head of Customer Marketing, Bremont Watch Company)

Harry Lane (Marketing Director, Shackleton)

Advisory Board

What others say about us…

“Fantastic event, great networking, the panel discussion and the table topics were spot on”


“Great to meet so many impressive marketers from such a range of companies and have such stimulating conversation”

Marketing Director,

“Refreshing, thought-provoking and inspiring”

Global Brand Director,

9:00 am

Guest arrival

9:05 am

Breakfast is served

9:15 am

Chair's opening remarks: Tim Healey

9:20 am

Fireside chat: Jess Myers (CMO, The Very group) and Tim Healey

9:40 am

Panel Discussion:
Market orientation: understanding your customers with Maria Koutsoudakis (Brand and Marketing Director, Vodafone), Rebecca Hirst (Chief Marketing Officer, EY UK), Eleonore Murauer (Global eInnovation Director, Reckitt), Joel Midgley (Head of Marketing, The Guardian), Richard Palk (Head of Customer Marketing, Bremont Watch Company), Harry Lane (Marketing Director, Shackleton)

10:10 am

Small Table Discussions:
• Table 1: Focus groups
• Table 2: Qualitative research
• Table 3: Quantitative research
• Table 4: Sales funnels
• Table 5: How to balance it all

10:45 am

Report back from tables

10:50 am


11:20 am

Closing remarks

11:30 am

Event ends


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