Christine James: Reflections On A Year Of Change

Christine James navigates the senior marketer job market and rediscovers purpose.

Board-level senior marketer Christine James navigates the job market, broadening horizons and rediscovering purpose.

This past year has been a whirlwind of change and introspection. After spending nearly a decade in a stable role and five as a Marketing Director, where I sat on the executive board and played a crucial part in shaping the direction and strategy of the business, I found myself on a new journey. I experienced significant personal growth, spent more quality time with family and friends, completed a marketing mini MBA, expanded my networking efforts, and began posting on social media. The catalyst for all these changes? Job hunting.

The last time I ventured into the job market was ten years ago, and I can confidently say that the landscape has transformed dramatically. Back then, finding a new role was relatively straightforward. Today, it feels like a different world. Despite my extensive experience and strategic insight, finding a similar executive position has proven to be quite challenging.

The economic struggles have been a significant factor. Businesses are tightening their belts, carefully balancing investment and cash flow. Unfortunately, marketing is often one of the first areas to face cuts during tough times. My previous role was eliminated due to a sales and marketing merger, and it seems that many companies are now choosing to forgo a dedicated marketing director altogether.

Faced with a scarcity of traditional opportunities, I decided to pivot and explore how I could leverage my skills in new and fulfilling ways. Here are the three paths I’ve considered:

Fractional Marketing (Portfolio Career or Consultancy)

Initially, I was hesitant to consider fractional marketing. I have always thrived in full-time positions where I could lead a team and be part of a long-term vision. My career history reflects my commitment to roles where I’ve experienced both business and personal growth. Additionally, I was not keen on the constant hustle of finding new work, a common aspect of consultancy. However, as I went deeper, I discovered that some organisations are unable to afford a full-time marketing director but are open to part-time arrangements. These companies often work with agencies that secure leads for fractional marketers, taking a percentage of the earnings. This could potentially offer a balanced approach, combining my desire for stability with the flexibility of fractional work.

Advisory Board Positions

Becoming a board advisor is another avenue I explored. While these positions are not full-time roles, they provide an opportunity to stay engaged in the industry, offer strategic guidance, and expand my network. Advisory roles could serve as a bridge, keeping me connected to the business world while I continue my search for a full-time position. Combining this with fractional marketing might just create the perfect blend of involvement and flexibility.


Volunteering, though it doesn’t address financial needs, aligns perfectly with my values and desire for purpose. I have a wealth of marketing and business expertise that could benefit many organisations. Through my networking efforts, I connected with a charity fundraiser and have registered as a volunteer to help present their work to businesses. Additionally, I reached out to the CEO, expressing my willingness to contribute more significantly. I look forward to meeting her and exploring how I can make a meaningful impact.

In conclusion, this year has been about adapting and redefining my professional journey. While the job market has presented its challenges, it has also opened my eyes to new possibilities and ways to apply my skills. Whether through a full-time position, fractional marketing, advisory roles, or volunteering, I am determined to find a path that not only aligns with my professional goals but also resonates with my personal values. This journey has taught me the importance of flexibility, networking, and continuously seeking growth opportunities.

Here’s to embracing change and finding new ways to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Christine James, Marketing Director – currently available for work.

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Accomplished career in marketing with 20 years in senior leadership roles and five as C-Suite marketing director. High performing results-driven marketer with track record in strategic leadership and operational delivery. Inspired and authentic communicator and confident presenter. Passionately committed to creating accountable business value. Structured, disciplined, and naturally collaborative. Self-aware and known for integrity. Inquisitive and brave with a growth mindset.