Walking The Never-ending Tightrope

Synapse columnist and seasoned international marketing leader, Richard Palk digs into how Brand Marketing and Performance Marketing have never been more inextricably linked. Many of us clearly still find ourselves regularly sucked into “Performance vs Brand” investment debates. I was fascinated to observe at the January 2024 Little Grey Cells gathering in Islington how prescient ‘The Long […]

Bodacious Founder: Embrace New Fandom Or Get Left Behind

“Every single time there is an introduction of a new tool or a new platform – whether that might be the internet or forums or AI image tools, we see fans as some of the first people to jump into experimenting with that technology. We witness them bringing their own ideas – ideas that riff […]

Mark Evans: Where The Grass Is Greener

After 10 years in the top job for all things Customer and Marketing at Direct Line Group, Mark Evans set out for pastures new at the beginning of 2023. 18 months on and he’s never been happier across a wide range of coaching, trustee, advisory and NED roles. Ranging from charities, to government, to sport, […]

‘The Power Of Many Will Win’ – LGC #3 review

LITTLE GREY CELLS | 2ND MAY | 41 PORTLAND STREET | RENEGADE COMMUNICATION’S TRACY WOOD REVIEWS THE 2 MAY LGC BRIEFING: MARKET ORIENTATION Having a real view of your customer. Responding to their needs and desires. Building a deeper connection – one that may last a lifetime. Doesn’t it sound like a passionate, burgeoning relationship? […]

LGC 2 May 2024: Pass Notes

<Looking for our exclusive Little Grey Cells network offers? Scroll to the bottom for more information – from UX labs to CMO profile building>. Little Grey Cells 2 May 2024: Market Orientation 2 May saw the third Little Grey Cells gathering of senior marketers at the stunning 41, Portland Place. Tim Healey, founder and curator […]

ITV Studios CMO: Deliver The Unexpected Everyday

Adrian Last, CMO, ITV Studios, discusses how he markets over 90,000 hours of productions – from Love Island to The Graham Norton Show – and why he and his team are not afraid to try new ideas to really push the creative bar.

Marketers Share The Secrets Of Their Success

Recognise the value of successful brand management, never compromise on research, share your marketing thinking, recruit extraordinary teams and hold the wheel. Insights from some of the UK’s most senior marketers.

Domino’s CMO: Marketers Need To Up The Ante Creatively More Than Ever.

In this week’s Little Grey Cells In Depth Interview, Sarah Barron, Chief Marketing Officer at Domino’s, explains how valuable customer data informs marketing choices, the importance of creating a marketing super-team, and why marketers should shun change in favour of ‘celebrating the beating heart of your brand’.